well hello then. im judith. 

Touch My Body // acoustic ver. (x)

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[HQ SCAN] Soyou for NYLON - 2000 x 2590

So cute~~~~~~~~ 
  • Interviewer: so Chloe, how was your break?
  • Chloe: Oh it was great, I traveled a bit and relaxed and Skimmons, I ship Skimmons sfm!
  • Interviewer: ...
  • Doctor. How are you feeling?
  • Chloe: Good, great, perfect health. Hey, did I tell you I ship Skimmons? 'Cause I do. Skimmons, yay!
  • Doctor: ...
  • Chloe's lover: Will you marry me?
  • Chloe: Yes! And this all just reminds me of Skimmons so much, I ship that so hard!
  • Chloe's lover: ...
  • Other people: ...
  • Chloe: Skimmons!!